Sinking Plans for the USP Letcher Prison in Defense of Appalachian Biodiversity

[NOTE: FOLC does not represent the interests of Eastern Kentucky University and does not manage or operate the Lilley Cornett Woods Appalachian Ecological Research Station.]

Friends of the Lilley Cornett Woods and North Fork River Watershed (FOLC) exists for the purpose of conserving and strengthening the environmental integrity of Letcher County and the human and natural environments of the broader Appalachian region. By fighting against extractive economic development based on the exploitation of natural resources and marginalized communities, FOLC advocates for a future economy based on a just transition away from resource extraction and prison construction.

We stand opposed to the planned construction of a Federal prison in Letcher County that will have impacts to flora and fauna that rely on the nearby Lilley Cornett Woods which serves as an Appalachian Ecological Research Station for Eastern Kentucky University. Construction and operation of the prison threatens to degrade the local habitat with increased traffic, light and noise pollution, and massive quantities of sewage and cleaning chemicals. Not to mention prisoners and staff will be exposed to environmental toxins from contaminated soil on the site which is a former coal strip mine.

We are building a membership base focused in Eastern KY but open to people internationally who share our love for wild nature and our concerns for this prison. Membership is easy! We just need your name, email, and address. An online form is available here.

By becoming a member you will help us insure the ongoing integrity of the Lilley Cornett Woods, one of the last few remaining old-growth forests in the Eastern United States. We’ll keep you updated of ongoing developments in our fight to protect the woods, including hiking opportunities in the Lilley Cornett and camp-outs in the area!

Just Transition Not Toxic Prisons!

Image of USP Letcher proximity to slurry and LCW.png